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Hauraton DRAINFIX® CLEAN Filter-bed Channels

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Hauraton DRAINFIX® CLEAN Filter-bed Channels

The Hauraton DRAINFIX® CLEAN filter-bed drainage channel system is designed to directly cleanse rainwater runoff from car parks, industrial yards, trading estates and highways. This elegant solution ensures polluted storm water does not enter a local SUDS scheme.

The DRAINFIX® CLEAN system was developed in collaboration with a number of European Universities and subsequently tested under severe, real life conditions over many years.

Extensive testing showed pollutants, such as heavy metals and hydrocarbons, contaminating a hard road surface naturally attached themselves to very fine particles. When it rains, these particles are washed into the drainage system. Field tests found very little of this polluted material was removed by separators or retention systems; the DRAINFIX® CLEAN channels’ incorporating a filter-bed was the only system to work effectively over a long period. In a relatively short time, the particles and organic matter from the surrounding drained surface penetrate the filter-bed and begin to form a filter cake. As the filter medium continues to mature, micro-organisms and small creatures invade and start a soil forming process, this absorbs and breaks down the captured pollutants.

The channels are sized to provide sufficient water retention volume, ensuring there is no back-pressure or overflow of the system.

A 400m² car park at the Darwen Vale High School sports arena, Blackburn, is the first UK installation of the DRAINFIX® CLEAN filter-bed channel system. The channels directly cleansed rainwater runoff from the car park into a controlled water course which is part of the areas’ SUDS scheme.