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Hauraton at Silverstone

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Around £35 million has been spent over the last two years at the Silverstone motor racing circuit in Northamptonshire. The focal point of the redevelopment is the 390 metre long pit and paddock start line complex that runs between the famous Club and Abbey corners – the complex is now known as the Silverstone Wing. The spectacular yet functional structure has 41 garages at ground level, above which, are quiet, climate-controlled V.I.P. spectator galleries and a media centre with vistas of the pit lane and the circuit beyond. The building also houses 4000m² of glazed exhibition space, a 2000m² conference centre and a 100 seat auditorium.

Three Hauraton products were supplied for installation in and around the “Wing” complex. To provide the surface water drainage requirement RECYFIX® HICAP® and FASERFIX® KS channels were used with FASERFIX® SERVICE CHANNELS installed to facilitate on-site cable management.
To provide the surface water drainage requirement in the racing teams’ vehicle park located behind the complex, RECYFIX® HICAP® 200, 300 680mm standard units were supplied. A total of 894 metres were installed in a cascading system.

500 metres of FASERFIX® KS 100mm channels were installed in the area overlooking the pit lane. These were fitted with Class C250 and E600 ductile iron HEELSAFE gratings treated with a corrosion resistant coating (KTL).
An essential requirement for any venue hosting national or international events such as Silverstone, safe cable management is essential to facilitate team, multi-media communication and TV broadcasts from the world’s television companies. The 1000 metres of FASERFIX® 200mm SERVICE CHANNELS installed, feature SIDE-LOCK®, a patented boltless system that allows the non-slip Class E600 ductile iron covers to be removed quickly and re-fitted easily during cable laying and removal. For example, 10 metres of cover can be removed in about 90 seconds with just 70 seconds to replace all 20 covers.

Tim Connolly, Hauraton Sales and Marketing Director comments about the project,

We are pleased that the Silverstone Wing project has been such a success and delighted to have contributed to its rapid progress; the build programme, from start to finish took 54 weeks. We are happy the main contractor, Buckingham Group Contracting Limited reported all our products were easily installed and that there were no breakages on site

Silverstone Wing complex – Facts and Figures

  • Project: Silverstone motor race track, Pit lane and Paddock building – The Silverstone Wing.
  • Client: British Racing Drivers Club – Silverstone Circuits Limited.
  • Authorities: Aylesbury Vale District Council and South Northants District Council.
  • Architect: Populous.
  • Main Contractor: Buckingham Group Contracting Limited.
  • Hauraton Project Engineer: Peter Dicken, Mobile 07768 333851 peter.dicken@hauraton.co.uk
  • Surface water drainage systems and Hydraulics Design Support: Hauraton Limited
  • Silverstone Wing measures 390 metres in length.
  • Tallest part of the building measures 26 metres (above ground).
  • Height of the ‘Fin’ on the Silverstone Wing measures 30 metres (above ground).
  • The roof area spans 9,700 square metres.

Approximate floor space for ‘functional areas’:

  • 41 garages covering 6,200 square metres.
  • Media Centre covers 2,780 square metres.
  • Spectator and hospitality zones cover 8,200 square metres.
  • Race Control covers 950 square metres.

Building materials

  • 3,450 cubic metres of concrete used in construction.
  • 1,200 tonnes of steel erected.
  • 8,000 tonnes of tarmac was used on site.

The following Hauraton drainage channels were installed at Silverstone:

  •  200m of RECYFIX® HICAP® 200 – water volume per metre 79.0 litres.
  • 169m of RECYFIX® HICAP® 300 – water volume per metre 171.4 litres.
  • 525m of RECYFIX® HICAP® 680 – water volume per metre 443.0 litres.
  • 168m of FASERFIX® KS150.
  • 500m of FASERFIX® KS100.

All RECYFIX® HICAP® channel and inlet adaptor components are made from the company’s 100% recycled polyethylene / polypropylene. Channels fitted with Industrial Loading Class F900 ductile iron GGG-50, 14mm slot inlets.

The following Hauraton Service channels were installed at Silverstone.

  • 1000m of FASERFIX® 200 Service Channels featuring SIDE-LOCK® ductile iron covers.

The build programme, from start to finish, was 54 weeks (end of April 2010, to Spring of 2011)