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Hauraton Drainage at Walkers Foods expanded Distribution Centre

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An investment £9.3 million by PepsiCo in a high-bay warehouse and distribution centre has tripled the size of the company’s storage facility on Stephenson Road, North East Industrial Estate in Peterlee, Co Durham. The new facility houses two of the company’s leading UK brands, Quaker Oats and Walkers Crisps. The introduction of HGV double-decker, extra long lorries and the location of the development in relation to the company’s production units has allowed a reduction in delivery fleet distances by approximately 600,000 km per year.

114 metres of Hauraton RECYFIX® HICAP® 100, 150 and 200 drainage channels, made from 100% recycled polyethylene-polypropylene (PE-PP), were installed in the HGV hard standing bays around the warehouse. Factory fitted with 14mm slotted ductile iron inlets, the channels comply with a loading Class of F900 so can easily take the weight of a fully laden lorry. Once fully installed the HICAP® system is highly resilient to the twisting forces imposed by the HGV comings and goings.

116 metres of FASERFIX® SUPER KS 100 & 150 drainage channels made from Hauraton fibre reinforced concrete with steel strengthened top edges and Class E600 ductile iron gratings were also used along the access roads.
Hauraton also supplied four access points and two gullies for the drainage system.

All the Hauraton components were specified by Peters Associates (Ripon) Limited.

Colin Taff, Hauraton‘s Project Engineer comments about the project,

A series of environmentally friendly features were incorporated in this development including a rainwater harvesting fleet wash for the vehicles. The expanded Distribution Centre was built in just over 360 days and we are pleased the project has been such a success and delighted to have contributed to its rapid build progress

Facts and Figures

  • Project: High-Bay Warehouse and Distribution Centre.
  • Owners: PepsiCo International – Walkers Snack Foods Ltd,
  • Authority: Durham City Council (Easington).
  • Hauraton Project Engineer: Colin Taff, Mobile 07768 333852 colin.taff@hauraton.co.uk
  • Surface water drainage systems and Hydraulics Design Support: Hauraton Limited.
  • Hauraton RECYFIX® HICAP® and FASERFIX® components installed
    • RECYFIX® HICAP® 100, 150 & 200 – 114 metres
    • RECYFIX® HICAP® Gullies – 2 off
    • RECYFIX® HICAP® Access Point – 4 off
    • FASERFIX® KS 100 & 150 – 116 metres