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Hauraton surface drainage at Yas Marina motor racing complex

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The Yas Marina Motor Racing Circuit is located on the 25km² Yas Island to the east of Abu Dhabi City. Hauraton were chosen to supply the surface water drainage systems which had to be just as innovative as the spectacular Yas Marina complex itself. 20km of drainage channels were eventually laid out across the 170-hectare site; the biggest single project in Hauraton’s history. “The demands made on us were extremely high”, according to Hauraton CEO Marcus Reuter, “as much on our support team as the systems supplied.”

Motor racing at this level involves a massive effort from all those involved. With cars reaching speeds of up to 320 km/h, the performance levels achieved are not just down to the drivers and their back-up teams – to go fast, the quality of the track is crucial. “To ensure the highest safety standards were met, we were able to give the engineers involved in the design of the circuit the strongest assurances that our channels would comply with the performance criteria demanded in terms of operational safety, materials, handling and longevity”, explains Marcus.

Four Hauraton products were installed at the Yas Marina Circuit track and surrounding complex. To provide the surface water drainage requirement, RECYFIX® HICAP® Series G, RECYFIX® HICAP® standard units and FASERFIX® SUPER. FASERFIX® Service Channels featuring ductile iron covers were supplied to manage the miles of media cables used during televised events.

The RECYFIX® HICAP® Series G channels were installed in the actual race track providing high capacity drainage with a discreet appearance.  Having a F900 loading category, Series G units are designed to withstand additional forces not normally required with surface water drainage schemes. Featuring a one-piece slot and inlet adaptor made of GGG50 ductile iron, securely attached to the tough Polyethylene-Polypropylene (PE-PP) channel component. Once installed the complete system is highly resilient to the twisting and powerful suction forces imposed by racing cars.

RECYFIX® HICAP® standard units and FASERFIX® SUPER Channels were installed in the access roads and service areas around the circuit. Each RECYFIX® HICAP® standard unit supplied weighed less than 25kg, so one man lift procedures could be adopted during installation of these units. They were fitted with ductile iron mesh inlets also certified for F900 load category.

Affording a superior overall hydraulic performance, both HICAP® systems and FASERFIX® SUPER Channels allowed the circuit’s engineers and contractors’ flexibility in roadway design and installation, reducing the number of channel runs normally required to drain a given area. This reduction meant less underground excavations, materials and vastly reduced installation time. As there were fewer runs required, the surfaces strength was not compromised whilst future maintenance and cleaning will also be reduced. To further reduce installation times, end-of-run caps and pipe connection sockets were also supplied with other connection points moulded into the sides and bottom of each channel.

The FASERFIX® SUPER fibre reinforced concrete surface water drainage channels were also installed in various residential and public access areas. Featuring metal protection along their top edges, not only does this detail provide exceptional wear resistance and increased load bearing capability, the components are so strong, even prior to installation, they are able to endure the rigours of this enormous building project.

Given the project was the biggest in the company’s history, Hauraton allocated a team of their own application engineers to the site,

“We were very happy to make this “Task Force” commitment”, continues Marcus, “our team supervised the installation of all our products that again proved to be easy and efficient to install, providing a safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing appearance to the racing surface and other areas of this spectacular motor racing venue”.

Marcus concludes,

“In England they have an idiom, “To go the extra mile” – meaning, to do more than is required to reach a goal. Our product range allowed the Yas Marina civil engineers to choose the optimum product for the job, our on-site support ensuring it was all installed correctly and quickly. In the case of the Yas Marina project we certainly went the extra kilometres!”