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Hauraton surface water drainage systems for sports’ venues

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Even though it has been reported there could be a possible reduction in the size and number of sports fields, the UK Government is seemingly now set to encourage more sport participation in schools and the community in general. It can be expected local sports facilities will be more intensively used and need to be designed to meet higher safety and performance criteria. Be it an athletics track or playing field, school, community or regional facility, designers will have to ensure optimum condition for those actively participating and for their supporters. Just like national or prestigious international venues, smaller local facilities will have to be robustly designed to withstand higher use and incorporate surface drainage systems to control rain water run-off.

Over the years, Hauraton has built a trusted reputation of supplying products for sports facilities to exacting specifications. The company is highly experienced at providing advice about reliable surface drainage and auxiliary components for running tracks and playing surfaces. Their new 68 page, SPORT catalogue features a comprehensive range of products designed specifically for modern sports venues. Hauraton supports designers with project specific proposals, including expert specification and technical advice from the initial survey through to completion.

The SPORT catalogue, available digitally on www.hauraton.co.uk , features drainage and other essential components for IAAF (International Association of Athletic Federations) approved venues as well as surface drainage and safety products for school and community athletics and other sports facilities including synthetic running tracks, tennis courts, artificial turf playing pitches and playgrounds.