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Moscow Raceway can host international motorsport competition

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Completed in summer 2012, the new Moscow Raceway at Wolokolamsk, situated to the North West of Moscow, now resounds to the roar of high performance racing car engines, the screeching of tyres and the heady smell of racing fuel in the air. With its 15 curves, diverse range of layout options, motor racing at the new circuit will not just be placing maximum demands on the drivers but will test the durability of the competing teams and their cars.

Responsible for the overall design of the new venue, the internationally renowned team of Architects and Civil Engineers, Tilke based in Aachen, Germany, made the final decision to use Hauraton FASERFIX® SUPER high-performance drainage channels throughout the race circuit. Approximately 10,000 metres of these channels in nominal widths of 100, 150 and 200 mm were installed at the 4.07 km long race track. The FASERFIX® channels with a loading Class of F900 meet all the demands of international motorsport competition. The circuit’s drainage systems have been engineered with maximum safety and performance in mind. The Hauraton Technical Support Team advised on the drainage channels and gratings to employ and provided on-site help and guidance during installation.

All of the channels on the race circuit and pit lane had their ductile iron gratings bolted down. Interestingly, the channels in the paddock area and in front of the team garages can be used as temporary cable ducts. Here, the ductile iron gratings are secured using the Hauraton boltless locking system SIDE-LOCK®, allowing communication cables to be installed and subsequently removed quickly and easily. For example, 10 metres of grating can be removed in about 90 seconds with just 70 seconds to replace all 20 covers.

The Moscow Raceway has been approved by the FIA and passed the inspection with flying colours. The circuit has been classified as “Grade 2+1T” which corresponds with motor sport’s highest level for a test track.