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New Asda 24 hour Antrim Superstore fully open

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The new 5022 m² (54000 ft²) Asda Superstore Antrim just off the Randalstown Road, has created 450 much needed jobs for the local community. The store has 600 free parking spaces for customers and for the local community to use when visiting the store. With improvements to local roads and infrastructure the project used as much local labour as possible during the construction phase. As the store has long opening hours and the car park is continuously in use, effective surface drainage was a major consideration.

In total 265 metres of Hauraton RECYFIX® HICAP® 100 and 150 high capacity drainage channels were installed in the car park and access roads. The HICAP® components were ordered through JP Corry, the leading builders’ merchants in Northern and Southern Ireland.

The channels are made from 100% recycled polyethylene-polypropylene (PE-PP) and are factory fitted with ductile iron slot inlets. Weighing less than 25 kg, each one metre unit was easily manipulated into position and even before the final surface had been laid and despite being trafficked by site vehicles, there were no reported channel breakages.

To further reduce installation times, end-of-run caps and pipe connection sockets were also supplied with other connection points moulded into the sides and bottom of each channel. This was a major advantage for the contractor as it helped speed the completion of the project.